We leave Nazaré and head to Lisboa, passing the Cabo da Roca, the westest point of Europe : how pleasing it is to at least sail a bit to the East ! As soon as the sun is up, we hear the moanings of our 3D printer. There is a lot to be done in Lisboa, and we try not to waste any seconds !

3D printing at sea

We have set ourselves a challenge : repair the hydro-generator before arriving on the Tage River. We succeeded, but one of us walked on one of the blades, so we’ll have to print an other !

Pièces de l'hydrogénérateur 2

Once in Lisboa, our concerns are not to hear some fado nor to take the 28th tram : where are the shipschandlers and the repair stores ? How do you say « threaded shaft » or « pulley » in portuguese ? We will manage to find every pieces we look for, but after 48h we haven’t seen much of Lisboa. Hopefully Adrien’s mother is visiting, and gives us pretexts to go visit a few museums.

Our goal in Lisboa is also to visit the different digital fabrication places. We are wecomed to visit the EDP fablab, working with companies and individuals. They have great projects, working at the same time on homemade electronical circuits and doing research on the different finitions possible on 3D printed parts. We are amazed by the work they manage to do being only three in their team ! This warming welcome in Lisboa lets us forget the buses of tourists that continuously make selfies all around the marina.

Visit at Fablab EDP

The fablab EDP team will then come visit the boat, giving us the bottom of a 3D printed blade for our wind turbine, and one hydrogenerator blade !

Fab EDP aboard Karukera

We also go to visit the Leds&Chips Creative studio that has built us 3 parts of wind turbine blade ! They conceived and built an impressive 3D printer that almost makes 1 cubic meter ! They could print our wind turbine in one piece. Being very humble, they named it the « YARR » (Yet Another Rep-Rap : rep-raps are open-source 3D printers). Their studio is filled with numerous of different 3D printed objects at an unusal scale : a woman bust, a stool, a chimera model !

visiting Leds&Chips : huge 3D printer: the YARR

While visiting Karukera, they will bring us the last missing pieces of our wind turbine !

team Leds&Chips giving Lab-REV two blades for the nex wind turbine aboard Karukera!

Then it’s just a puzle that need to ber e-assembled, and as fast as possible, so we avoid to pay one more night in the marina !
remontage de la nouvelle éolienne

Black and white gives a good render. We got used to the multicolored version, this one looks more professionnal : we need to be careful !

Mise en place de la nouvelle éolienne

We have met numerous passionating makers in Lisboa, and we want to thanks all of them for helping us ! First Zbis (http://zbis.fr/) that printed us the upper parts of the blades before leaving France, fablab EDP (http://www.fablabedp.edp.pt/en), Leds&Chips (http://ledsandchips.com/) as well as Gino from A Coruña hackerspace(http://bricolabs.cc/)! But after one week stucked between traffic jams, trains and honkings, we are releaved to go ! Inès has gone back to France, and we head to Faro where we will be joined by two new crew-members. The coasts of Algarve and a nice gale are waiting or us !