Checklist :

– A repared boat

– Papers in order

– Fonctionnal prototypes

– Super motivated crew

– Food and drink stock at maximum capacity

– Nice weather forecast

Let’s go!


Bags being ready for a long time, we were just just waiting the right moment to set sail. Nothing better than a one night navigation trainig from Camoël to Pornic to check everyhting is allright! We left the Vilaine river after spending so much time there for a 12h step to Pornic, repeting different maneuvers, setting spinakers, crossing cargos, trying the berths for short naps, etc. It’ll be easier to leave the harbour with the Loire river strong current near Pornic, speeding us up around 2-3 knots. We checked the navigation system we prototyped, and everything is all right (follow our position here: ).

After a few calculations, the routings give us an ETA (estimate time of arrival) in A Coruña tuesday at noon, the forecast predicts good winds in the right directions, but also short waves with us, and a huge long swell in front of us, conditions no member of the crew ever experienced.