Algorithm of work in the class through the test in accounting

  1. Get a test card.
  2. Sit beside the dining table indicated within the first passage.
  3. Set your order of speeches based on the role.
  4. Answr fully your question.
  5. Listen carefully towards the answers of the group users.
  6. Utilizing the authorization regarding the facilitator, supplement or correct their responses.
  7. Earnestly take part in the conversation associated with the common issue at the dining table.
  8. Submit traffic and knowledge cards to your expert coordinator for grading for work.
  9. During the way regarding the facilitator, write along the summary associated with the conversation regarding the common issue on the board (at a particular destination).
  10. During the signal associated with the presenter, continue in accordance with your route for another dining table.
  11. Work on this algorithm from point 3.

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