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pay for math homeworkWhen shall we leave? If only we’d know, and it was depending of us…

Let’s sum up last month since we (first)launched Karukera.

Once the boat was afloat, serious matters begun! Moving in, we check the functionnement of every gear, put everything in place, once, twice, until we find the appropriate spot for everything (remember tetris)!

Unfortunately, after a few days we discover a small water infiltration near the engine shaft. An 80cm bronze tube (étambot in FR), allows the shaft to go trough the hull and turn at high speed without (suposeddly) letting water get inside the boat. Details are boring, just know that different pieces provides the system to be waterproof.

But we were taking water in, and even with a small debit, it was not very reassuring. Karukera had to be taken out of water, back to shipyard. We thaught the stern gland was the problem, and focused our repair on this system. And to do so, you need to remove the rudder and the engine shaft…

Dépose de l'arbre d'hélice

We use this time back to shipyard to improve the drum genoa system with our partner Jade Gréement!

Tout petit, vu d'ici !

Back to water a few days later, our mood breaks down when we see the water still coming in…

Finally after 3 times back to 2 different shipyards, a lot of different advices (mostly contradictory but always well-wishing) from all the Villaine mechanics, and a little levitation session for Karukera, the leak is finally repaired!

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We also used this few weeks of delay to test the boat at sea, and with the engine. We were incredibely surprised how seaworthy the boat was even with 30 knots of wind established! This gave us energy to go trough our different problems!

But at least, after three weeks fixing technicals problems, we are still stuck for administrative problems. The boat papers still not arrived… So frustrating!

During those weeks we totally forgot to give news and are sorry for that! Computer and engine greease does’nt go along together so well! We’re finally ready to go, a month late but even more determined!